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Project Management

Project Management In Morocco

M2Morocco offers a range of consultancy services aimed at property developers and property investors who are looking to be active in the Moroccan real estate market. Our area of specialisation is Marrakech.

Since our arrival in Morocco we have been researching every aspect of the Moroccan real estate and property development sector. We spent several years getting to know the country, understanding the local real estate market and finding the right contacts.

Our knowledge, contacts and first-hand experience allow us to offer a "one stop shop" solution for all Moroccan real estate matters. Our services range from initial company set up to construction and marketing of a property development project.

We can assist with every step in the property development process:

Land Sourcing.

Tax and Legal Advice*.

Feasibility Studies.

Project Design.

Planning Permissions.

Building Regulations.


Sales and Marketing.

Site Management.

With our unrivalled local knowledge and network of qualified professionals (architects, lawyers, accountants, building contractors etc.) we ensure that our clients receive prompt and accurate information, allowing the the client to concentrate on maximising profit from any development project . We have also formed close relationships with planning officials and tourism development officers to ensure we are able to complete projects with the backing of local government.

We are happy to assist at whatever level is needed by a client, be it managing an entire project or just dealing with a specific part of the process.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

* We are not qualified tax or legal consultants.