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Morocco Leading Growth in North Africa

Thanks to heavy spending on infrastructure, Morocco managed to post "levels of growth that are the envy of many of its neighbours", Irish daily "The Irish Times" said.

Investing in big infrastructure projects spared Morocco the worst of the global crisis, allowing it to post levels of growth that are the envy of many of its neighbours, the paper underlined.

"The Irish Times" shed light on Morocco's investments in the field of energy, noting that "in 1996, just 22% of all rural homes in the country had electricity; today, after years of heavy state investment, the figure is 96.5%".

The investments' effect "has been revolutionary," the paper underscored, highlighting Morocco's efforts in terms of promoting renewable energy.

In this respect, it pointed out that "in June, the largest wind park in Africa opened near the northern city of Tangiers", stressing that this project is "the most visible marker of the country's strategic decision to wean itself off foreign energy and push its economy on through investing in big projects".

With "the resources it has in abundance," namely sun, wind and water, Morocco "plans to raise the share of renewable energy in its total output to 42% by 2020", the paper added.

Recalling the global economic crisis' impact on some sectors, the paper underlined that this impact has "largely been offset by good harvests, investment in infrastructure and a resilient banking system".